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1300 numbers in Australia

Why Your Business will benefit from having a reverse charge number:

Do you want your business to stand out from your competitors?

Do your want to radically increase your sales and profit margin?

1300 numbers cost very little these days.

Setting up a 1300 number could be the kick-start your business needs. They are becoming increasingly more popular, because they so affordable. They’re highly respected and are a valued marketing tool for all types of business; 1800 numbers are also highly efficient in promoting your business to a wider range of potential customers and they’re so easy to manage, they simply attach to an existing landline or mobile service.

The flexibility of these services, is that a call can be answered anywhere you within Australia.

An inbound reverse charge number is much easier to remember than a standard landline, so it’s simple for your customers to memorize, pick up the phone and dial, improving your sales dramatically.

Given that the service just attaches to your current landline or mobile number, there’s no need to install any tricky telecommunication equipment, and you won’t need additional phone lines. What’s more is that they are entirely transportable (the 1300 number won’t change if you move) so there is no interruption to your business calls if you were to relocate.